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424B-1 Kurutomesode
Material: silk
Description: branch with white and gold flowers and kamon on front and back / embroidered flowers in gold thread / in good condition / early 1900
Comments: It’s a black silk kimono with colourful embroidery on it’s lower end. It is worn in all important ceremonies by married women. The sleeve is short and it’s name comes from the custom of cutting the long sleeve of the Furisode after the wedding (kuru = black / tome = cut / sode = sleeve). It can be used as a long jacket to wear on an elegant evening date, or hung on the wall as a decorative piece, or even on top of a bed-head.
Size Chart for Kimono
Length: 151 cm
Width: 127 cm
Sleeve: 70 cm
Shoulder: 64 cm
Pieces per Box: 1
  € 232,15 (price includes 22% VAT for residents of the EU)
€ 190,29 (price without VAT for Non-EU residents & EU companies)

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